An Astronaut Has an Unwelcome and Possibly Undead Visitor in the Eerie Sci-Fi Short Decommissioned

Oh, that can’t be good.
Oh, that can’t be good.
Screenshot: Perception Pictures

A piece of NASA’s past makes a surprising return in Decommissioned, which packs genuine sci-fi horror suspense into just six minutes. From the windows of the ISS, an astronaut notices a strange—and horrifyingly familiar—bit of space debris floating in his direction. It can’t be what he thinks it is...can it?

We’ve featured Australian filmmaker Josh Tanner’s shorts on io9 before (Reverse, The Landing, The Rizzle), but Decommissioned just might be my new favorite.


The director wrote to io9 to say he just finished this short last week, and that it was made “using the Unreal Engine technology that The Mandalorian used, albeit old-school rear projection as opposed to the fancy LED wall tech they used.” That explains why Decommissioned looks so damn good, but the truth is that everything here, including Joey Vieira’s performance as the baffled astronaut, is just top-notch. In addition to being totally nightmare-inducing, that is.

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I wonder why they haven’t tried to do a live action Dead Space movie yet.