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An aspiring law maven tries to make sense of The Vampire Diaries

Illustration for article titled An aspiring law maven tries to make sense of emThe Vampire Diaries/em

Are you confused by The Vampire Diaries? If so, then for the love of God, don't click on the latest installment of "vampire legal issues" over at Kate Linnea's blog. You'll only wind up twice as confused.


This time around, Christine, who is "almost a lawyer," tries to untangle some tough conundrums in a world of vampires — like, is it actually illegal for vampires to kill people, since it's only murder if the murderer is human? Also, if a vampire's ability to enter a dwelling depends on ownership, what happens if the owner dies temporarily? (As has happened to both Jeremy and Elena Gilbert.) And finally, why are almost all of the teenagers on this show living on their own, with no parents in sight, and nobody's called Child Protective Services?

So many questions. Luckily, tonight's season premiere of TVD will probably give us a whole new set of baffling mysteries to replace them.

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Does io9 do recaps of The Vampire Diaries? I'm too lazy to check, but by the gods, if not, you ought to start, pronto!

And this is where I get all sincere and stuff, but I need to vent. I started watching VD a couple of weeks back, out of sheer boredom. I never paid the show any mind, I thought it was like twilight only in tv form. Holy shit, was I wrong!

This show is fucking awesome. Now, this might be due to the deteriorating quality of True Blood (which is the only show I've been watching of late), but I found season 1 of the Vampire Diaries completely awesome for a few simple reasons.

*SPOILERS (sort of)*

For one thing, the vampires are actually horrifying. They're not the handsome protagonists with fangs like in true blood, nor are they completely overdone like in Buffy. They actually look really really scary. And the show has a lot more suspense and horror than I expected from a series about teenage monsters. But what I really really love is that the characters are completely realistic. They really act like normal people in insane circumstances. And they USE CELLPHONES! That's probably the thing that fascinates me the most about this show. People actually talk on the phone and manage to warn each other about potential dangers without anybody stupidly walking into a life threatening situation which could have easily been avoided if somebody dialed a number. Also, people talk. They really really have meaningful conversations which serve character development, and they (I've just started season 2 so maybe that changes, but anyway) stick to their guns. If a character changes their mind about something, it's always for good reason. Now, as I've said, maybe I'm reading too much into this since I've been watching true blood which has become a plotless excuse for showing male nudity this season, but I think that the dialogue in VD is brilliant, with just the right amount of cheese.

*end of spoilers*

Anyway, yeah, the show is brilliant and somebody ought to get Meredith or someone to do recaps.

I'm done now.