An aspiring law maven tries to make sense of The Vampire Diaries

Are you confused by The Vampire Diaries? If so, then for the love of God, don't click on the latest installment of "vampire legal issues" over at Kate Linnea's blog. You'll only wind up twice as confused.

This time around, Christine, who is "almost a lawyer," tries to untangle some tough conundrums in a world of vampires — like, is it actually illegal for vampires to kill people, since it's only murder if the murderer is human? Also, if a vampire's ability to enter a dwelling depends on ownership, what happens if the owner dies temporarily? (As has happened to both Jeremy and Elena Gilbert.) And finally, why are almost all of the teenagers on this show living on their own, with no parents in sight, and nobody's called Child Protective Services?


So many questions. Luckily, tonight's season premiere of TVD will probably give us a whole new set of baffling mysteries to replace them.

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