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An Artist Is Raising Money To Build A Quaint Little House On The Moon

Illustration for article titled An Artist Is Raising Money To Build A Quaint Little House On The Moon

Sure, the lunar surface is "magnificent desolation," but that doesn't mean it couldn't use a bit of color. Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg aims to accomplish just that by delivering a self-assembling sculpture via SpaceX's Falcoln 9.


As Genberg explains on his website:

The Moonhouse is more than just an art project. The aim is to inspire people to push through mental barriers and broaden their perception of what we can make possible. The Moonhouse is a democratic art project, where everyone is welcome to participate and create a unique symbol for what people can achieve, together. The Moonhouse makes space available to each and everyone of us. Together we can make it happen.


It's a bit more wordy than "One small step for man…" but the sentiment is kind of nice. Funding for the project is being crowdsourced; $50 will get your name inside the Moonhouse. Visiting it might be a bit more expensive.

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What a spectacularly stupid idea! Imagine going to all that expense and work, and getting no data back at all. For the same effort you could build a lunar probe that would expand our understanding of the universe; even a little data would be better than this. It's enough to make you think that a lot of "art" is just whatever crap the "artist" feels like doing.