Artist Paige Smith (AKA “A Common Name”) started Urban Geodes by filling cracks in downtown Los Angeles with these geodesic shapes. They’re made from paper and spray paint or resin.

The project has since spread to other cities and countries, and a map of the installations can be seen at the A Common Name website, where the artist explains:

I draw inspiration from quiet, modest, tucked away spaces: the cracks in between bricks, the grating of a drain, the inside of a pipe and interior of a derelict phone booth. ‘Urban Geodes’ are created either out of hand cut and folded paper or individually cast resin and configured seamlessly to fit into spaces that inspire me. These installations are like hidden gems sprinkled across the world that invite us to actually look, to be playful and discover and to participate in a glorious and global treasure hunt.

Geodes are formations made and found in nature and my process of using manmade materials and placing them in major cities concurrently signals the tension between nature and industry and celebrates the beauty of urban space. My work is infused with a magical realism that encourages us to pause, to discover, to be present and to find beauty in the mundane.

Images can be found there, too, and on Instagram:



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