An army of mummies is coming to your town soon!

Some 45 mummies, from 15 museums in seven countries, are embarking on a three-year tour of the United States starting today. The Mummies of the World exhibit includes this family of elaborately dressed Hungarian mummies. More gruesome pics below.

According to the California Science Center's website:

Mummies of the World, the largest traveling exhibition of mummies ever assembled, presents a never-before-seen collection of both accidental and intentionally preserved mummies, presented with reverence and dignity. The collection includes ancient mummies and important artifacts from Asia, Oceania, South America and Europe as well as ancient Egypt, dating as far back as 6,500 years.

Through engaging interactive exhibits, Mummies of the World illustrates how current science tools enable us to study mummies in new and non-invasive ways, allowing unprecedented insights to past cultures and civilizations. The exhibit will reveal how the scientific study of mummies provides a window into the lives of ancient peoples from every region of the world.

Mummies of the World will thoroughly engage the visitor, and suggests thought-provoking issues such as: Who were they? Where are they from? How did they live? How did they die? What secrets do the mummies hold about the past…and what clues do they bring us for the future?


Feel free to make your own incredibly witty joke about needing your mummy after seeing these disturbing pics. Photos by AP/Adam Lau.

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