Over at Beatrice the Biologist, cartoonist-cum-science blogger Katie McKissick has thrown down the gauntlet to "I <3 You." Because science.

Sez McKissick in an e-mail to io9:

I use the heart emoticons on my phone as much as the next person, but this stems from an anatomical mistake that dates back thousands of years—that our heart is the seat of emotions and our deepest sense of ourselves. Not so, as we now know. (Oooh, that rhymes.) So I updated our current shorthand for "I love you." Is there going to be a brain emoji in the new update? I hope so, because I will use it ALL THE TIME.


AGREED. In the meantime, can we just use the at symbol? As in: "I @ You?" I mean, @ looks a little brainy, don't you think?

[Beatrice the Biologist]