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An Animated Map Showing Which States Are Drinking More Wine Over Time

Americans are consuming more wine than ever before. But how does each state compare? This animated map from Vinepair shows how wine consumption has increased in each state over the past two decades — a trend that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon.


According to Vinepair, American wine sales bottomed out at 449 gallons in 1993. But since then, Americans have consumed more wine than the previous year, every year. That said, the United States has added a lot of people since 1993. It's also worth noting that these numbers are actually misleadingly low — they use the entire state population rather than just the drinking age population. Vinepair also points out an interesting pattern:

Up here in the Northeast we've always been liberal with our wine drinking (and by Northeast we include Florida, our warm weather colony). The same goes for the wine producing states on the West Coast. What we find interesting is that the long, steady increase in American wine consumption isn't a story of the same-old-people just drinking more wine. Rather it's more people in more states drinking more wine.


[Via Business Insider]

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