An Animated Interview With Ray Bradbury: "You Can't Think A Story"

In the latest episode of Blank on Blank, which takes old interviews with interesting people and then animates them, author Ray Bradbury explains his fear of driving, the importance of friendship, his attachment to Mars, and why a writer should feel an emotional attachment to their stories.


Lisa Potts and Chadd Coates recorded this interview in 1972 while they were driving the author to a lecture at Chapman College. The whole thing is interesting, but I’m particularly intrigued by the way he talks about his writing, especially when he admonishes writers, “You can’t think, ‘I shall do a story to improve mankind.’”

You can read a transcript of the interview at the Blank on Blank website.


For some odd reason my week has been bombarded with Bradbury. Not that I complain, mind you. Just yesterday I happened to stumble upon a great little adaptation of one of his short stories: