French sculptor Gael Langevin's InMoov project combines two of our favorite things: 3D printing and robotics. Though he had no previous experience making robots, Langevin spent the last year figuring it all out, ultimately developing and coding a voice controlled android that can be constructed from parts generated by a 3D printer. And not only that, he has made the entire project freely available via open source so that any DIY'er can print their own.

Langevin started by building the android's right hand, and it quickly took off from there. He designed the bot in Blender and printed it on a 3D Touch in ABS. And remarkably, it's all designed such that it's fully animated and responds to voice control.


Using Myrobotlab and GroG, the robot can "see" and hold objects after the voice command has been issued.

Source: InMoov and 3ders.

Images via 3ders.


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