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An amazingly quick lesson on America's contribution to World War II

The fine folks at CrashCourse have put together an awesome animated video about America's entry and contribution to World War II that clocks in at just over a dozen minutes. And as per usual, they've crammed an unbelievable amount of detail in a short amount of time.


More impressive than that is that these guys get a lot of the history right. There are definitely items worth quibbling about in the video, but that's the stuff of history, right? Like, was it truly "game over" after D-Day, or did the Soviets have things well in hand on the Eastern Front by that point? And what about the ethics of dropping the A-bomb on Japan? Was it truly a weapon of a different sort, or was it no different than the ongoing bombing campaign? Please add your thoughts to comments.


This is part one of two; we'll definitely post the second episode once it's up!

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There was so much promise immediately after WWII. I enjoy lionizing the Greatest Generation as much as the next guy, but lets not forget that they also squandered what was an excellent chance at global peace with suspicion and anti-communist/anti-west mania. This is one of my favorite photos; its just so full of promise. Maybe we shouldn't blame the Greatest Generation, but Great Generation's commanders.