An Amazing Version Of Star Wars Made From Everything That Inspired It

What if someone remade Star Wars using only the film of the old movies, serials and TV shows that influenced George Lucas' creative vision? Squarespace's Michael Hellman has done just that, replacing Lucas' footage with the original works — and, often specific scenes — that inspired it.


This is still an early version — Hellmann says he hopes to add more classic influences into the cut before he's finished — but it's still a fantastic watch for Star Wars fans and cinema buffs alike.

[Via The AV Club]

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While the 2001 reference is an obvious one to draw, the famous opening shot of a Star Destroyer zooming overhead was actually lifted from Space: 1999.…

(Although to be fair, a great deal of Space: 1999 was lifted from 2001: A Space Odyssey." So, yeah.)