An Amazing Opportunity: Get The Very Best Of Charles de Lint For Free!

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If you love urban fantasy, then you owe a stupendous debt to Charles de Lint, whether you've read him or not. His playful, majestic, clever stories helped shape the genre and were part of what made me fall in love with magical stories set in cities. And now you can get a collection of his best writing for free.


SFSignal points out that The Very Best of Charles de Lint is free as an ebook today (Friday) and tomorrow — with no DRM, either. (Although we're not sure if this offer holds true in other countries. Fingers crossed.)

Here's the official description:

The finest stories of this popular pioneer of urban fantasy and creator of the mythical city of Newford have been chosen by the author—and his fans—and gathered in this extraordinary collection. Asked to suggest their own favorite stories for inclusion, de Lint's fans have been instrumental in creating a treasury that will spark the imaginations of readers of all ages. These are retold fairy tales and new modern myths that thoroughly redefine the boundaries of magic.

Between these pages are all manner of enchanted characters in unusual places: playful Crow Girls who sneak into the homes of their sleeping neighbors, a graffiti artist who risks his life to expose a deadly conspiracy, and an unrepentant trickster who throws one last party to reveal a lost folkloric tradition.

At turns unexpected, whimsical, dark, and mystical, this is an essential compendium of timeless tales to be revisited as often as the heart desires.

Get it while it's hot!


I cannot express how much this novel means to me. I hope to see the Tamson House on the big screen someday, portrayed with the wonderment and, well, heart as De Lint wrote of it.