Humble Bundle-style collections of books or comics come along pretty regularly these days... but the latest Story Bundle offering is pretty amazing. There are 11 books that either won the Philip K. Dick Award or were finalists, and you can get them all for just $15.

This is one of those name-your-own-price sort of deals, so you could pay any amount less than $15 and get six out of the 11 books. The other five only become available when you pay $15 or more. And you can choose to give 10 percent of that money to charity, while giving as much as you want of the remaining amount to the original authors.


These books include Aestival Tide by the amazing Elizabeth Hand, Acts of Conscience by William Barton (whose work we’ve praised before), Life by Gwyneth Jones, Dark Seeker by K.W. Jeter, Maximum Ice by Kay Kenyon (pictured above), Knight Moves by Walter Jon Williams, and tons more. Check it out! [Story Bundle]

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