An Alternate History of Doctor Who, in which the Doctor has always been played by women

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We've wondered if one of the Doctor's future incarnations might be female, but what would Doctor Who have been like if the Doctor had always been played by a woman? Alasdair Stuart of SciFind has cooked up an alternate history of Doctor Who, positing which actresses might be a match for each of the eleven Doctors, the fan reactions, and how the show might be different as a result.


In addition to casting each of the Doctors, Stuart also cast new incarnations of the Master, now known as the Mistress:

3rd Doctor-Honor Blackman

Fresh off her success with the Avengers, Blackman took the show in a very different, far more physical direction than Jacques. Her Doctor was an action heroine, the stories filled with car chases, explosions and fist fights. Many fans welcomed this with open arms, whilst many more felt the show had become The Avengers with occasional aliens. Despite this, her run was extremely successful and is notable for a series of appearances by Vanessa Redgrave as the Mistress.


However, he left the same actors in the roles of the companions, adding some interesting twists:

10th Doctor-Sue Perkins

Fans still reeling from the 9th Doctor's surprise exit were more than a little surprised to see Sue Perkins step into the role. In stark contrast to Suranne Jones' mercurial, often grim take on the role, Perkins brought a lightness of touch and cheerful eccentricity that hadn't been seen since the Grenfell years. Complete with brainyspecs, a new found joy in her work and remarkable chemistry with Rose, the 10th Doctor was a massive hit. The burgeoning romance between Rose and the Doctor, heartbreakingly cut short in ‘Doomsday' and revived in ‘Journey's End', was praised by fans and critics alike, as Perkins became the first openly gay Doctor in the show's history. Her final episodes, featuring the return of Sheridan Smith as the demented Mistress (Having regenerated from an award-winning cameo by Dame Judi Dench as Professor Yana), remain two of the highest rated episodes in the show's history.

Head over the SciFind for Stuart's complete alternate history of Doctor Who and see if you agree with his choices.

Photo of Sue Perkins by Samir Hussein/Getty.

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Corpore Metal

Dunno, I'm a little skeptical of some of these choices. Maybe it's because I'm a geezer and remember how it was before the reboot, but I preferred it when the Doctors more grim and aloof and less as romantic prospects. I know a lot of fans would be disappointed with that outlook but there it is.