An adorable tribute to the Soviet Union's canine cosmonauts

Laika might get the lion dog's share of the historical glory, but the Soviet Union sent dozens of intrepid canine explorers on orbital and suborbital missions. This poster by Jess Bradley honors those early cosmonauts as adorable, waggly dogs.

It's a bit sad to think about how many of the pooches gave their lives in the name of space travel, but Bradley's print remembers them in a happy light. Some of the dogs, though, had rather prosperous space careers; Otvazhnaya made a total of five high-altitude flights in two years and was recovered safely each time.


Bradley has prints of "Soviet Space Dogs" available from her store for £5, and you can see more of her art on her blog and her deviantART page.

Soviet Space Dogs [via Laughing Squid]

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