An Adorable Rescue Rangers Reboot as Envisioned by One Talented Artist

Chip ‘n Dale, along with their Rescue Rangers, try to thwart a tiny car getaway.
Chip ‘n Dale, along with their Rescue Rangers, try to thwart a tiny car getaway.
Image: Rebecca Dreistadt

Disney’s been on a kick of reviving some of its most popular shows, like DuckTales, Bug Juice, and Muppet Babies. Now, one artist is using her work to make the case for Disney’s greatest detective duo: Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.


Artist Rebecca Dreistadt recently released some images on Twitter of what she imagined a reboot of Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers could look like. Rescue Rangers is a beloved Disney Channel cartoon that (surprisingly) only ran for one year, though it got syndicated in reruns for a few years after it ended in 1990. Dreistadt said it’s partially because she was a fan of the show when she was a kid and would love to see it get a cartoon reboot.

“I just loved the designs, I love small secret worlds, and also the theme song was great,” she told io9. “I think a Mystery Detective procedural for kids in a tiny world would do great.”

One of the pieces, the first one featured in the slideshow below, is part of the official Disney Afternoons gallery show at Gallery Nucleas. Dreistadt is currently a character designer on Disney’s Star vs. The Forces of Evil, while her partner Frank Gibson co-wrote the first season of VRV’s Bee & PuppyCat and voiced the character of Wallace. You can check out some of her Rescue Rangers designs below, as well as on their website.

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