Historically speaking, cannabis has been used for a whole slew of tinctures, potions, and other such miracle cures. But for the "nervous persons, weak children, and convalescents" of the 1890s, there was Maltos-Cannabis, a nutritious weight-gaining supplement that set the consumer back a mere 75 cents a can.

It's unclear how psychoactive this self-proclaimed "very best fattening food" and "excellent substitute for coffee, tea, and cocoa" actually was, but Maltos-Cannabis secured rave reviews from at least one medical journal. Interpret that as you will.


And of course, the best part of Maltos-Cannabis is the product's wonderful artwork, which depicts a woman and child sternly rebuking the grim reaper. ("Mom, I'm seeing the grim reaper over there. I think I'm dying." "Hold your hand in the air, dear. That lighthouse keep the boats safe. If we act like the lighthouse, we'll keep each other safe." "I want to be a lighthouse when I grow up." "Me too.")

[Via Antique Cannabis Book]

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