Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly roundup of the coolest toys and merchandise we’ve seen all week. This time we’ve got an insanely nerdy Star Wars SDCC exclusive, the most affordable way to replicate Spider-Man’s new eye-moving mask, and much, much more!

McFarlane Toys Stranger Things Figures


We knew McFarlane Toys was making a line of figures for Netflix’s Stranger Things, but we’re finally getting a look at the first two that will be available later this fall in seven and 10-inch sizes for $20 each. Chief Hopper (David Harbour) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), arguably two of the best characters in the series, will each feature 12 or more points of articulation, and will come with character-specific accessories like Eggo waffles and swappable body parts. But to be honest, we’re kind of surprised Gaten Matarazzo’s Dustin Henderson wasn’t included in the first wave. [McFarlane Toys via Toyark]

Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider Sight Mask

The best thing to happen to Spider-Man movies wasn’t Marvel starting over again. It was Spider-Man’s costume gaining the ability to open and close its eyes, allowing Tom Holland to express more than just wide-eyed disbelief. Cosplayers have since figured out how to replicate the effect on their own Spidey suits, but Hasbro makes it easier for kids with this $20 mask featuring chin-activated shutter eyes, allowing Spider-Man to squint and look like he means business.

Robot Spirits Pacific Rim: Uprising Gipsy Avenger


The release of Pacific Rim: Uprising might still be a while away, but we’ll never say no to giant robot merchandise—especially when it’s of the movie’s awesome new mecha, Gipsy Avenger. Part of Bandai’s high-end Robot Spirits line, there’s actually not much known about the Gipsy Avenger just yet (if anything, this toy is actually one of our best glimpses of the design so far), other than it looks really damn cool.

NECA Seven-Inch Blade Runner 2049 Figures


Thanks to a leak on a Japanese online store called Mamegyorai, we have our first look at the new Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Officer K (Ryan Gosling) seven-inch figures that NECA will be releasing for the upcoming sequel, Blade Runner 2049. The movie doesn’t open until October 6, but you’ll be able to score these figures sometime in August, although they don’t appear to reveal any hints about whether or not Deckard really is a replicant. [Mamegyorai via Toy News International]

Hallmark Star Wars Storytellers Ornaments


Is July too soon to start planning the theme of your Christmas tree? Hallmark doesn’t think so, and has revealed a new trio of Star Wars ornaments with lights, sounds, and quotes that wirelessly sync and play along with each other to re-enact memorable scenes from the film. Starting July 15 you’ll be able to get the first two ornaments in the new collection: the Death Star and Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. Later in the year the X-wing will join the fray, followed by the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial TIE Fighter in 2018, because nothing says “Happy holidays!” like blowing up a moon-sized space station full of millions of people. [YouTube via Cnet]

PPW Toys’ DC Comics Wood Warriors


Following up on its line of charming wooden action figures featuring superheroes from the Marvel Comics universe, PPW Toys is back with a new series with memorable characters from DC Comics, including Batman, Superman, the Joker, Wonder Woman, and others. Available starting in November for $20 each, the eight-inch figures are minimally detailed (which has its own unique appeal) but still manage to include an impressive level of articulation thanks to a clever use of elastics in every joint. [PPW Toys]

Anovos’ Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey’s Salvaged X-wing Helmet


It’s probably the least subtle foreshadowing in the history of cinema, but if seeing Rey don a beat-up X-wing pilot helmet gave you chills, you can now recreate that scene from The Force Awakens again and again with this perfect wearable replica from Anovos, and pretend you’re secretly related to Luke Skywalker too. Made by digitally scanning the original prop, the $350 helmet, available sometime this summer, won’t actually protect your head if you crash your X-wing. But it’s padded and lined on the inside so at least it’s comfy to wear while you pretend to. [Anovos via The Awesomer]

Deadpool Hot Sauce Umbrella


That novelty umbrella you bought at Comic-Con seemed like a fun idea, until the day you actually had to open and use it in the rain. Suddenly you’re a conspicuous billboard for your favorite movie or comic book. The same can be said for this $20 Deadpool umbrella. You probably don’t want to walk around carrying a giant image of the Marvel anti-hero eating a chimichanga, but the whole thing folds away into what looks like a hot sauce container, so how could you possibly resist? [BoxLunch via That’s Nerdalicious]

Big Figs Hildebrandt Darth Vader


Jakks Pacific’s kid-friendly line of oversized action figures has never been afraid to get spectacularly nerdy when it comes to creating convention exclusive versions, but its latest for this year’s SDCC really might be one of its best so far. Based on the star-field-covered Darth Vader on the iconic Hildebrant poster for the original movie, the figure is made even better by a gorgeous bit of packaging that recreates the rest of the poster for him to perfectly blend into. For once, this is a toy where keeping it in the packaging is so much better! [Toyark]

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