Thanks to a $274,000 grant from the Federal Railroad Administration, Amtrak will soon run its Heartland Flyer rail line on beef byproduct biodiesel for a 12-month trial period. Obviously, the Heartland Flyer needs a new, titter-worthy name.

The Heartland Flyer - which runs from Oklahoma City to Forth Worth - will run on combustible moo juice sometime in the next year. According to Fast Company:

The train, which runs on 80% regular diesel and 20% beef-based biofuel from a Texas vendor, is running for the next 12 months courtesy of a $274,000 grant from the Federal Railroad Administration [...] Amtrak says that the cow tallow (read: rendered fat from cattle) fuel reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions by 10%, cuts down on particulates by 15%, and reduces sulfates by 20% compared to standard diesel.


Unsurprisingly, PETA was less than impressed.

"The answer to pollution is not to use the ground up remains of tortured animals for fuel. Anything using animal remains is going to be both depleting of and polluting of our environment," explained Bruce Friedrich, PETA's VP for Policy.


Whatever your take on the ethics of a tallow-powered meat wagon, it's undeniable that the Heartland Flyer needs a new nom de train. Here are our suggestions. Suggest your own in the comments below!


- The Screaming Beef Locomotive
- The Veal Jackhammer
- The Deep South Bovine Bullet
- The Leather-Fueled Prairie Tickler
- The Red Raw Rocket
- The Longhorn Leg Lurcher
- The Slaughterhouse On Wheels
- The Mobile Death Rodeo
- The "We Told You Old Bessie Went To The Big Farm In The Sky, But We Lied Son, We Lied" Train