America's Teens Love The Vampires

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Blame it on the Twilight effect, or maybe just an otherwise-dull night on other channels, but the CW's premiere of The Vampire Diaries wasn't just successful... it was the most successful new show premiere in the network's history.


To be fair, that title comes with the proviso that the CW is only three years old, and much of its programming was inherited from the WB and UPN, but nonetheless, there's no way that network bosses can be disappointed with the 4.8 million viewers that tuned in to watch the start of the teen vamp saga, which helped the network to their most successful viewing figures in the female 18-34 demographic ever. What it didn't help, however, was Supernatural, which saw an 18% drop in viewership when compared to last year's season premiere. A sign that the Winchester brothers' story is winding up at the right time, or that Smallville was a better lead-in for the show than CW bosses had reckoned? Time - and ratings for next week's Smallville premiere - will tell.

'Vampire Diaries' most-watched CW premiere ever [THR Live Feed]

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This show seems like it was spouted out by a committee of 20 something morons who between them didn't possess a single original thought. It was bloody awful.

The vampire storyline has been sucked dry by garbage like this.

First, the actors with the exception perhaps of Ian Somerhalter were flat, boring, and cliched. No people exist like that, let alone in high school, and if they did they would be douche bags.

And second, it was essentially a poorly conceived amalgamation of other CW shows riding the coat tails of Twilight and True Blood. Are vampires this boring and this lame? It's shows like this that have made the genre laughable.

I can only attribute its apparent and deceptive early success to the dearth of new programming on at that time slot. It was all done with mirrors.