America's New Largest Pumpkin Is So Ridiculously Large, You Guys

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You think you know what a big pumpkin looks like? You don’t know what a big pumpkin looks like.


The record for America’s largest pumpkin ever grown was broken over the weekend by this monster squash, weighing in at 2,145 pounds. It was grown by pumpkin farmer Gene McMullen and submitted to Wisconsin’s annual Cedarburg Festival for their giant pumpkin contest, a contest it (naturally) handily won.

The goal of giant vegetable growers has always been to shatter records. But in the last 15 years or so, something weird has happened: They’ve gotten incredibly good at it.


Sizes are no longer jumping by just a few dozen pounds here and there, they’re doubling in size in just over a decade as farmers are dipping deeper and deeper into new ways to stretch the limits of just how big they can really get. McMullen’s pumpkin—and the other Vegetables of Unusual Size with which it keeps company—look cool, yes, but they also point out just how quickly farming techs have been changing and keep changing.

In other words, yes, that’s one big pumpkin. But it’s nothing compared to whatever is coming next.

Image via Cedarburg Festival.

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And after it wins, what do they do with it? Please tell me that it is baked into pies or used in some other way, other than just becoming compost for next years crop. Actually, how does this massive growth affect the taste?