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America's Economic Crash Leads To Americatowns Around The Globe

Illustration for article titled Americas Economic Crash Leads To Americatowns Around The Globe

Will the economic crises force us all to flee the country and set up our own little villages filled with U.S. immigrants? HBO seems to think so, and just greenlit a drama series titled Americatown. But since most "towns" across the country are crammed with both truly authentic and incredibly commercialized representations of their countries of origin, what would an Americatown be filled with?In Americatown, our financial crisis causes a mass exodus out of the Americas and into other countries. The new series takes places about 25-40 years in the future, and follows a group of newly evacuated immigrants in a big foreign city. Writer Bradford Winters (Oz, Six Degrees) and producers Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy have combined to create this drama and have toyed with the idea of making it a Traffic-esque story told from several points of view. [Hollywood Reporter]


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An interesting premise considering what is happening.

I've joked about US American illegals in Canada City.

However, the flag wavers are gonna be all over this like files to shit. "How dare you!" while denying/ignoring the fact that US America is following pretty much the same path by other empires and great powers in the past which was going from a production based economy to a financial service based one while squandering their capital/wealth on wars.