Americans Rebel Against Their Surveillance State in Preview for Comic Young Terrorists

Matt Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan’s new near-future political thriller Young Terrorists hits shelves this week, a striking take on 21st century America and a group of young rebels who want to disrupt it. But what are they fighting for? Find out in an exclusive preview, right here on io9!

We’ve ready the first issue of Young Terrorists, and it’s a thrilling (and occasionally excruciatingly violent) mind trip about some seriously angry anti-heroes. It balances laying out the deeply twisted near-future America—a world where drone surveillance is commonplace, and the populace are entranced by seedy video links of artificially grown clones having sex with each other—with establishing its cast of messed up protagonists, people violently thrust out of the system of mainstream society and left to fend for themselves, fighting back against a world that slighted them.


Without further ado, here’s a brief snippet of what’s to come in Young Terrorists #1:


The special, 80-page-long Young Terrorists #1 will be available physically and digitally tomorrow, August 19th.

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