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Americans are more likely to work nights and weekends compared to citizens of other developed countries. In addition to spending more hours on the job, nearly 30% of Americans work weekends and — shockingly — more than a quarter toil away after 10pm. But people who work the extra-long hours tend to be highly educated and well paid. Read the study here.


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Damn, the source paper is paywalled. Because I was wondering about this:

But people who tend to work the extra-long hours tend to be highly educated and well paid.

How many people with long hours are highly educated and well paid, and how many are working several part time jobs or picking up overtime to make ends meet? What kinds of workers did they study? The abstract of the actual study (not the Slate article) says that they found that even if Americans worked less hours they'd still be working odd hours. Is this because things like stores close earlier in Europe and fewer are open on weekends? I work weekends and am highly educated and well paid (yay). But that's because we're open to serve the public on weekends, not because I'm a workaholic.

What's with the assumption that everyone who works late is staring at an "Outlook screen?" Maybe they're staring at an air traffic control display, a dying patient, or at a 24 hour drive-through window. I hate to use the word "privilege" on io9, but um, privilege.