Fans of the British time-travel cop show Life On Mars may have mixed feelings about the American remake, but not the creator of the original. British producer Ashley Pharoah told the trades that, "I think it's marvelous." He's even okay with the changes the American team has made so far.Pharoah is happy that the American version has ditched the ending of his original series and made the time-travel storyline a bit cloudy, in order to continue the show for longer. He's also pleased the Americans reshot their weak original pilot:

"It was sun-drenched and rather pleasant," Pharoah said of the first ABC pilot. "The whole point of our show in Manchester and the one in New York is to show those mean streets and show how much has changed in these 30 years." "They're changing the mythology, which I think is all right," He said. "It has to be different. Otherwise everyone just goes on YouTube and sees how it ends."


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