American Horror Story is Headed to the Carnival for its Fourth Season

We've known for a while that the fourth season of American Horror Story would be set at least partially in the 1950s, and now we know the theme. Cue the sword-swallowers and the tattooed ladies, because AHS is going to the carnival.


During a recent installment of the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast with Moira Kirland, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett, and American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie confirmed that the season will have a carnival theme. "It does not have a title," Petrie told the rest of the panel, "but that's the idea. That's very roughly the idea."

That does help explain why Sarah Paulson has been practicing "a very special skill" for the new season.

Nerdist Writers Panel 131: Moira Kirland, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett, and Douglas Petrie [Nerdist via /Film]

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