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American Horror Story: 1984's Campy First Teasers Depict a Wet Hot American Bloodbath

Best summer ever!
Best summer ever!
Image: FX
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It seems like just days ago we were all looking forward to basking in the summer sun’s radiating embrace the way nature intended. But suddenly, summer’s almost over, which means fall’s right around the corner—and with it a new season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.


The first pair of teasers for the 1984 installment introduce us to a group of carefree youths—camp counselors, one imagines—making their way to Camp Redwood for what they believe is going to be a summer of sun-drenched fun. What none of the teens know, though, is that there’s a murderous stowaway tagging along in their truck, ready to have their own Jason Voorhees-style fun.

It’s not clear if these trailers are actually representing what’s going to happen in the show, or just giving us a juicy taste of the retro slasher vibes 1984 is aiming to emulate. Given the current renewed amount of interest in the original Friday the 13th franchise, it’ll be interesting to see how American Horror Story riffs on the films that clearly inspired its new season. 


American Horror Story: 1984 arrives on FX on September18.

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What problem does Ryan Murphy have with New England?

Because I can’t fathom why he hasn’t done a season with a Lovecraftian cosmic horror theme.

Because if there is a variety of horror that’s US-born and refined, that’s it.