American Hero Lets Readers Inside Wild Cards

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When is a TV reality show not a TV reality show? When it's a multi-author blog in support for the latest in the Wild Cards series of anthologies. American Hero, the TV show at the center of Inside Straight, the eighteenth book in the series released last month, has made the leap off the printed page to become a site allowing readers to follow - and maybe interact with - the fictional characters competing to become America's next superhero sensation.


Each of the 28 contestants in the contest - visualized by Mike Miller, a somewhat controversial former DC Comics artist - will be posting "confessionals" about the unfolding contest as it goes on, written by different writers from the Wild Cards books. Kevin Andrew Murphy, whose first character (Rosa Loteria) is already offering gossip about her fellow contestants, promises that if readers ask questions of certain characters, they may just answer:

Of course, the contestants are all busy with challenges on the show, but who knows, some of them might answer.


For those thinking that the title sounds familiar, American Heroes was a possible re-title for the now-dead Justice League movie over that George Miller was putting together for Warners. Apparently, patriotism knows no trademarks.

American Hero [Wild Cards]

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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

In other news, there's a new Wild Cards anthology. Who knew?

Seriously—I used to be obsessed with this series in the late eighties and early nineties, but I haven't seen it on the shelves at any bookstore since Black Trump.