American Gods Has Found Jesus

“Jesus” “Yes?” (Image: History of the World Part 1, 20th Century Fox)

Joining the near-perfect cast of the Starz show is Jeremy Davies (Lost and Justified) as Jesus. The son of god one.

Davies won an Emmy for the recurring role of Dickie Bennett on Jutisfied and also has a history with American Gods showrunner Bryan Fuller. He played Peter Bernardone in two episodes of Hannibal. They were good. You should go watch them right now.

Anyway, Davies’ Jesus will probably share a bit of a plotline with Kristin Chenoweth’s Easter, whom Chenoweth described at San Diego Comic-Con as being a bit pissed off that Jesus stole her holiday.


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I was about to say he’s too old to play Jesus. Then...duh, I guess this version of Jesus stayed alive, post-resurrection, instead of flying to heaven? I don’t recall there being a Jesus in the book, but he’s also the only god that comes to mind whose departure from Earth is a key component of his mythos*. He’s supposed to be hanging out at the right hand of God. Guess he got bored.

*Feel super-free to correct me on this.