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America wants in on the live-action Star Blazers remake action

Illustration for article titled America wants in on the live-action emStar Blazers/em remake action

A live-action movie version of the classic anime Space Battleship Yamato opened in 2010 in Japan to some acclaim. Now America is going to make their own live-action Yamato movie — but of Star Blazers, the edited U.S. version of the original anime which aired in America in the '70s.


Deadline reports that Skydance Productions intends to make a big-budget, major scifi movie franchise out of the concept, about a giant spaceship sent to retrieve a mysterious alien device that could save humanity from dying of radiation, caused by an attack from another alien race who are trying to take over Earth for themselves. McQuarrie mostly recently directed Jack Reacher, and is currently making Mission: Impossible 5.

If Star Blazers follows the normal path for live-action American adaptations of anime series, it will languish in development hell for 12 years only to slowly get whittled down from a major summer film to a 72-minute movie with a $30 million dollar budget, possibly starring Cam Gigandet, which will probably be released straight to VOD. So look forward to that.

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Always relevant in these cases:

As for Rob's last paragraph, it can be summed up in one image: