America 0, Science 1

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Lifting the ban on stem cell funding wasn't just a change in one federal policy, according to last night's Daily Show... it was proof that the USA has finally abandoned its War on Science.

You were unaware that America had even declared a War on Science - the one war, in the words of The Daily Show's John Oliver, that we were winning? Thankfully, Jo(h)ns Stewart and Oliver are here to set us straight:

[The Daily Show]

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I laughed a lot during that segment.

Personally, I've always wondered why Fundamentalists (of all stripes) who loathe science and the scientists who helped discover it insist on using the fruits of said science. Kinda makes them hypocrites.

For instance, most of today's processed foods are genetically modified farm products (especially HF corn syrup) a lot of which are based on the sciences derived in large part from evolution/evilushun.

Use of electrical devices, especially electronic devices. The solid state physics that they use originated in the Big Bang. Even the SW they use might be considered "evil" as the father of modern Computer Science, Alan Turning was gay.

I'll give the Amish and Mennonites their due because they stick to their way of life unencumbered by such "evil" modern conveniences.