AMC's Prisoner Defeats Dark Knight's Nolan In Speed Trials

Most people would be worried if Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan was making a project that competed with theirs, but not The Prisoner's producer. Which makes her either very brave... or just deluded.

Michele Buck, who's producing AMC's mini-series remake of the classic 1960s British spy drama, is unfazed at the idea of her series competing with a big budget movie version from Nolan, mostly because she knows that her version will be seen first:

I don't even know if they have a script... We knew of [Nolan's version], and what it was rumoured to be like was totally nothing like ours at all. We'll be finished, edited, transmitted, out before they even shoot - if they shoot. As with everything, these things come up, go down. We will be ahead of him for sure.


Wait, "totally nothing like ours at all"? Does this mean that one or both of the remakes is nothing like the original series? You mean I won't get to see a modernized version of Number Six shoot people to some bad cover version of "All You Need Is Love"? I demand a recount!

'Prisoner' boss unfazed by Nolan remake [Digital Spy]

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