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AMC may finally be bringing Preacher to television

Illustration for article titled AMC may finally be bringing emPreacher/em to television

What is going to fill the television-viewing hole left by Breaking Bad? It may very well be a TV adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's foul-mouthed, blasphemous, supernatural road comic Preacher.


It's unconfirmed by the network (s0 best taken with a grain of salt), but Badass Digest is reporting that AMC has ordered a pilot based on Preacher. The comic centers on Jesse Custer, a preacher who becomes possessed by a divine entity that gives him incredible powers and inspires him to seek out God face-to-face, accompanied by his girlfriend Tulip and Cassidy, a vampire with a weakness for drugs and booze.

In many ways, Preacher is a good fit for AMC, which hasn't shied away from violent stories or particularly bloody meditations on masculinity and the meaning of life. But Preacher is a hard-R comic in ways that go beyond gore, featuring incest, disfigurement, cannibalism, and bestiality, just to name of few of its less savory elements. Will AMC be able to deliver an uncensored Preacher to TV? And will Ennis' tale of friendship, faith, and the f-word translate to moving pictures?


AMC Is Taking PREACHER To Pilot [Badass Digest]

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