To paraphrase John Cleese, they’re not zombies, they’re walkers. And they are creeping all over AMC these days. The Walking Dead returns to the airwaves for its seventh season on Sunday, and today the network launched the first of a 16-part weekly web series tie-in to Fear the Walking Dead, subtitled Passage.

The first clip is just under a minute long, but it begins in the middle of some serious shit, as a figure clad in a hazmat suit clutches a knife and frantically searches what looks like a laid-to-waste military base. Does the knife get used? Hey, it’s only a minute. Watch it and see for yourself.


Passage comes after AMC’s success with previous web series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. According to Entertainment Weekly, new episode-ettes of Passage will debut during each Walking Dead episode, after which you’ll be able to catch them online. The plot will follow two female survivors, one of whom is injured, as they scramble to find safety in a post-apocalyptic world.

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