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Enjoying the ratings gold machine that is The Walking Dead, AMC has decided to try another monstrous TV series, this time based on Dan Simmons' 2007 novel The Terror. Simmons, best known for his scifi novels including Hyperion, wrote the horror novel about an actual Royal Navel expedition which attempted to find the Northwest Passage in 1847, only to disappear; Simmons posits the problem was a monster which stalked the crew, as well as a touch of scurvy, mutiny and cannibalism. Sounds just like the light-hearted fare that's made The Walking Dead so popular.


The series is currently being developed by Ridley Scott's Scott Free TV and written by David Kajganich, who's also working on The Stand adaptation for Warner Bros. We'll see which tale of people having supernaturally bad days will reach screens first.

[Via Deadline]

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