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AMC Brings Prisoner Back To The Village

Illustration for article titled AMC Brings Prisoner Back To The Village

Thirty years after Leo McKern vacated the role, it's time to meet the new Number Two. AMC is bringing back Patrick McGoohan's classic sixties paranoiafest The Prisoner with Jim "Passion of the Christ" Caviezel taking over the role of the secret agent who finds that there's no such thing as an easy way out of the intelligence game.


The new version of the series - co-produced by ITV in the UK, which gave us the original show - will be a six-hour miniseries that reboots the concept of Caviezel's nameless secret agent being kidnapped to the mysterious "Village," where people are known only by numbers and everyone is out to find out what secrets everyone else is hiding. Sir Ian McKellen has signed on to play main badguy Number Two for the entire run, replacing the revolving "Number Two of The Week" guest-slot of the original show.

The show is expected to premiere midway through next year.

Ian McKellen to lead in ITV's The Prisoner remake [The Guardian]

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@rakdaddy: I'm assuming you're being sarcastic and snarky due to the fact that Andromeda Strain was horrible, so I'll kindly point out that, AMC didn't do The Andromeda Strain, A&E did.