Amazon's Utopia Brings a Comic Book Conspiracy to Dreadful Life in New Teaser Clip

From Utopia.
From Utopia.
Image: Amazon Prime

Conspiracy theories are dangerous enough when they’re paranoid fiction. But they might be even worse when they start coming true.

In Utopia, the hidden truths of a comic book world start coming alive, drowning the world in a pandemic and breaking out chaos in some profound, scary ways. At least, that’s the idea some paranoid characters are having... and they might be right.

In a new clip from the Amazon Prime show, we learn more about what that conspiracy might entail, and how answers might be sought. It’s a riveting, atmospheric little glimpse into the twisted world of the show, which will star Sasha Lane, Rainn Wilson, and Desmin Borges (who also stars in this clip). It’s a compelling little thing.


Created by Gillian Flynn and based the original 2013 series from Great Britain, Amazon’s Utopia will premiere on September 25th.

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Executor Elassus

Once again, this is your reminder that this is a completely unnecessary remake of a highly regarded original to which it will almost certainly fail to compare favorably.

Go back and watch the BBC version. It’s great.

ETA: just for comparison, here’s the trailer for the original 2013 series:

Watch that and tell me you really want a dumbed-down Americanized version.