Imagine if you crossed Barbarella with Benny Hill and slapped them down in a steampunk universe. You'd get weirdo British flick Pervirella, an epic about a damsel who can sex you so hard you explode.

In this alternate universe, full of silly but wonderful steampunk effects, Queen Victoria is a Paul DiFillipo-esque cyborg who is rotting away and keeps spitting weird half-formed babies out of a giant tube that snakes out from under her skirts. She sends a party of explorers (including Pervirella and her dad) out to find some sort of elixir that will either save her, save her babies, or save Pervirella. I'm not sure which - maybe all.


Meanwhile, the Pervs are fighting the Amazons for Pervirella, whose amazing powers of Perv are apparently coveted by everyone. And during Pervirella's adventures, she's menaced by all kinds of scary things, including this giant masturbating monster. Luckily the Amazonians rescue her, only to ensnare her in a massive lesbian orgy. And things just get stranger and more incoherent and more sexy from there.

This 1990s oddity is an absolutely exquisite example of the late-night bong hit film. Give it a whirl. You won't be disappointed.


Pervirella via IMDB

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