Amazon's First Hanna Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction to Her Dark Childhood

Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna.
Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna.
Image: Amazon
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If you for some reason slept on Joe Wright’s excellent 2011 thriller Hanna, a film about a young girl trained from birth to murder those who want to see her dead, Amazon would like to have a word.


In Amazon’s upcoming adaptation of Hanna, Esme Creed-Miles plays the series’ titular character who leaves her secluded home in the wilderness after her father Erik Heller (Joel Kinnaman) tells her that the day’s finally come for her to fulfill her life’s purpose to assassinate CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos). But as Hanna makes her way into the larger world for the first time, she realizes that her years of intense physical and psychological conditioning haven’t prepared her to be amongst other people, and the experience takes her to places she never could have imagined. Some of them are wondrous, but just as many of them are deadly.

In a press release, Amazon described how series writer David Farr is using the series’ expanded format to further flesh out aspects of Hanna’s identity and perspective that the film couldn’t capture:

“[Hanna’s] strength and power as a trained fighter doesn’t preclude her from navigating the awkwardness of her burgeoning sexuality, changes in her body, relationships and other challenges that remind the audience that, underneath Hanna’s grit, is a young woman who ultimately yearns to feel normal.”


Hanna begins streaming on Amazon Prime on March 29.

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I saw the first episode couple weeks ago when it was available. It nice retelling of the beginning of the movie but it felt really weird for me because it was kind of happening in Poland. There were sings in Polish and people speaking it and the mother was played by Joanna Kulig (of Cold War). But the names of people don’t make sense (Arvo is Estonin, and Johanna is not a Polish name either). There are no forests where there will be no one for 160 km. And that kind of spruce only ones are not in north-eastern Poland. Also I was a little confused by when it was happening. Arvo listened to Paktofonika’s most famous song - Jestem bogiem (I’m a god) is from 2000. If it’s happening now then Arvo is a little young to listen to it.

Still, the tree climbing and the action scenes were cool. And it was nice to see Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman reunite (also Prime algorithms have instantly recommended watching The Killing next). And I liked Hanna actress.