Amazon Is Making Spinoffs of Ultraman and Kamen Rider

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Well, more specifically Amazon Japan is. But considering that these Japanese shows will be available worldwide—part of a new slate of original programming for Prime Video—it’s a chance for fans all over the world to see these shows legally, too.


Amazon Japan announced 12 new, original series, including Magi, a time-traveling drama, several manga adaptations (including Businessmen Vs. Aliens), and the aforementioned spinoffs of Ultraman and Kamen Rider, which will be viewable by available to members of Amazon Prime around the world. Considering how hard it can be to legally acquire tokusatsu action shows like Kamen Rider or the Powers Rangers/Super Sentai franchise outside of Japan, this is a welcome boon to fans hoping to be able to legally view these iconic series.

The shows will begin releasing worldwide within the next year, with the first batch releasing in Japan this June. Also, Amazon Japan still has eight more series are still in the works.


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Man, it would be nice if one of these was a new Kikaider series.