Amazon is joining the movie-making business: The company has announced that it will produce and acquire 12 movies a year, staring in 2015. These will be theatrical releases that will then be made available on Amazon Prime four to eight weeks after they premiere. The budgets will be indie-level at $5 million to $25 million. [Variety]


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Dear Mrs Amazon,

I would like to apply for your super cool movie making thingy, where you give me loads of money to arse about with my friends and a Canon 7D. I have heaps of ideas, most of which have giant robots in them. Please pick one:

  • Gilly Whillikers and the Backyard Bandit
  • The Creature from Radiation Lake
  • Zombie Wombats
  • Murder at Mistry Manor
  • Star Defenders
  • April Tenth and the Eternity Police

Yours sincerely