Amazing video shows the relative sizes of all the planets and stars

This video starts with the Moon, runs through our solar system's rocky and gas planets, and then takes us from our regular-sized Sun to the biggest hypergiant star, all to a pulse-pounding beat. Prepare for a crash-course in cosmic scale.


The video isn't perfect - it omits the Neptune-sized Uranus and the now demoted Pluto (not to mention the recently discovered biggest star ever, but that's hardly the video's fault) and there are some minor technical errors in the presentation of the stars. And, it should be pointed out that, outside our own Sun and Betelgeuse, we haven't directly observed the size of the stars in this video, and these sizes are just best guesses based on apparent brightness, temperature, and distance.

But the overall point of this video - to show just how relative size really is, and how unimaginably large celestial objects really are - is pretty much spot-on. If nothing else, I never quite realized how small Mars actually is compared to Earth, or just how tiny our Sun can really look compared to some of its truly massive cousins.



For those who enjoy these "scale of the cosmos" type vids, you've probably already seen the famous Powers of Ten (if you haven't definitely check it out), but here's another cool version of this same idea I came across recently...