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Amazing Venom short banishes our horrible memories of Spider-Man 3

Adi Shankar and Phil Joanou are the makers of the phenomenal (and unofficial) Punisher short "Laundry Day," which starred Thomas Jane himself. Now they're back with True Blood star Ryan Kwanten as Eddie Brock in a fantastic 17-minute short better than the entirety of Spider-Man 3, titled "Truth in Advertising."


The short's conceit, that a young French film crew is following Brock around after the Daily Bugle fiasco that got him fired (in black and white, no less!), is a little weird, but it's more than made up for by Kwanten's pitch-perfect performance as Brock. Seriously, I know this is unofficial, but hey Marc Webb — if you decide to use Venom as the villain in Amazing Spider-Man 3 (or, god forbid, add him to Amazing Spider-Man 2 with its other 5,000 villains) we vote Kwanten.


Also, in truest Marvel movie tradition, you're going to want to stick around after the credits. Just sayin'.

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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This was great, and also an obvious homage to Man Bites Dog (…), the premise of which is a french film crew following a serial killer around. There is a scene in Man Bites Dog just like the end of this one, where they meet another film crew filming another murderer. Seeing that scene sealed it for me that this was an homage. Well done. And see Man Bites Dog, although it is exceptionally disturbing.