Amazing Spider-Man producer reveals why the Lizard was the only possible villain. Plus a Totally Insane Doctor Who Rumor!

Illustration for article titled emAmazing Spider-Man/em producer reveals why the Lizard was the only possible villain. Plus a Totally Insane emDoctor Who/em Rumor!
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Tons of new hi-res images reveal the cast of Prometheus. Andrew Garfield explains why Spider-Man is like the dark side of the internet. Watch the beginning of the new season of Falling Skies. Plus Game of Thrones, Awake, and more!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Producer Matt Tolmach explains why the Lizard is the perfect villain for Marc Webb's reboot:

"Choosing the villain is always a huge conversation. The cool thing about Spider-Man villains is that they're not just villains – they usually play a bigger dramatic role. In this case, Peter has a very powerful relationship with [Curt] Connors [the alter-ego of the Lizard]. There's a connection between Connors and Peter's past. There's something there that you've never seen before, and there's also a sense in which there are two paths you can go down – the path of the hero or the path of the weaker man.

"We made a real concerted effort to tell a different story. And this is a villain that serves the story we're telling about, ‘Who am I? Where did I come from?' There are thematic reasons why Curt Connors is the right villain for this movie. Sometimes a movie is made or broken by its villain, and a great villain is somebody who is as inextricably tied into the story as the lead. They are often the personification of the thing that the lead is trying to overcome. And that's what this is."


And, in what is maybe my favorite explanation of Spider-Man's personality ever, star Andrew Garfield compares Peter Parker's superhero alter ego to internet trolls:

"You feel the power of it, the power of not being seen, the power of the mask. Peter becomes witty when he's got that protective layer. It's like he's on a message board. He's got the anonymity of the Internet within that suit, and he can say whatever the hell he likes, and he can get away with anything. He can f**k with people and there's no consequences because nobody knows who the hell he is. We all know how powerful and potentially dangerous that anonymity is."

There's more at the link. [SFX]

Here's an interview with Andrew Garfield in which he discusses wearing the Spidey suit. [Comic Book Resources]

Illustration for article titled emAmazing Spider-Man/em producer reveals why the Lizard was the only possible villain. Plus a Totally Insane emDoctor Who/em Rumor!

Speaking of which, here's a new image of the suit. [Comic Book Movie]

Here are three rather low quality sneak peeks from a recent Kellogg's tie-in. [Comic Book Movie]

The Avengers

Illustration for article titled emAmazing Spider-Man/em producer reveals why the Lizard was the only possible villain. Plus a Totally Insane emDoctor Who/em Rumor!

Here's a poster spotlighting Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. [Spinoff Online]


Screenwriter Damon Lindelof offers up a lengthy treatise on just why Prometheus isn't truly an Alien prequel, and here I think is where we are going to consider the matter officially closed:

The thing about a prequel is, as fascinating as it may to watch Anakin turn to the dark side of the Force, there's an inevitability to it. You know when you go in the prequel can only cover A to Y and then Z is gonna be the preexisting material. You can't end it in an exciting or surprising way. You can only end it in the inevitable way. ...
When I went to go see The Thing prequel, for example, I'm assuming this movie is going to be the sequence of events that led up to a dog being infected by the Thing and then being chased by a helicopter across the frozen tundra-because I know then what happens next because I saw The Thing. And that's exactly what it was. On a certain level, you're satisfied because if you're calling a movie a prequel, that's what you're expecting. On another level, you sort of walk out going, "Boy I wish there was a little bit more room for me to not exactly know what I was walking into."

In my opinion, in order to define Prometheus as a prequel, Is it set in the Alien universe? ... If you just watch the teaser trailer, and you see how the word Prometheus reveals itself ... or look at the production design, you don't need me to tell you anything.

So then the next question is: Is it a prequel to Alien? To that, I can't really answer the question because my definition of prequel, the A-to-Y definition, I hope it's not. I hope that this movie can be surprising. The ending of this movie; the sequel to Prometheus is not Alien. The sequel to Prometheus, if it does well and people like it, would be another movie that goes off in its own direction, that runs tangential to Alien.



Total Recall

Here's a behind-the-scenes video from Entertainment Tonight for Len Wiseman's reboot, starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, the great Bryan Cranston, and the equally great Bill Nighy. [ET Online]

Ender's Game

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Producer Roberto Orci posted this new set photo on the production blog for Gavin Hood's adaptation of the Orson Scott Card novel, the cast of which includes Hugo's Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, The Help's Viola Davis, Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin, and True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld. Here's Orci's accompany description:

If you think regular school is tough, try it in a rotating space station. And by the way, do you have a hall pass for hall number 0058? Because if you don't, you could end up scrubbing the showers. When you first arrive at Battle School, all you perceive is its utility, its functionality… that is until you enter the BATTLE ROOM, where there is no up, no down, and ZERO G's. Movie making can become overly reliant on digital worlds, and nothing can replace a well-built set that you can see and touch and stand in the middle of, fooling you into thinking you are really there. Enjoy this small taste of Ender's big world. We'll see a lot more in the weeks to come.


[Production Blog]


If you just can't wait to see Peter Berg's board game adaptation that is also a loving tribute to the navy - plus aliens! - and can afford an IMAX ticket and/or airfare to Russia or China, you can check out the movie beginning April 12, over a month before its American release date on May 18. The film will screen in over 100 international IMAX theaters, because is there's two groups of people who would enjoy watching the American military kick alien ass, it's the Russians and the Chinese. Seriously, this film exists in an almost perfect state of anti-logic. [Coming Soon]


The Host

Illustration for article titled emAmazing Spider-Man/em producer reveals why the Lizard was the only possible villain. Plus a Totally Insane emDoctor Who/em Rumor!

Here's a promo photo of Hanna star Saoirse Ronan in Gattaca director Andrew Niccol's adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's non-Twilight book, in which Ronan plays a human freedom fighter possessed by an alien. [Shock Till You Drop]


Here's a video in which Daniel Craig discusses his tenure as James Bond, including what to expect from his upcoming third foray in the role. [BBC News]

Men in Black 3

Here's a new TV spot. [Coming Soon]

Doctor Who

Matt Smith discussed the casting of new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman:

I was part of the audition process where we met a number of wonderful actresses, but I think that Jenna responded to Steven's writing in the most interesting way. We're very excited to welcome her to the Doctor Who family - the Doctor needs a companion, he can't travel alone!


[Doctor Who News Page]

By the standards of Doctor Who rumors, this is still moderately insane, which still makes it one of the dozen or so most ludicrous things I've ever heard. According to the Express - the main drivers behind those repeatedly denied "Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master" rumors - the fiftieth anniversary special will end with Matt Smith regenerating into a female doctor, possibly to be played by Laura Pulver, who played Irene Adler in the most recent series of Steven Moffat's Sherlock. While the relative merits of a female Doctor are best discussed some other day, this just sounds like the same basic formula as the Benedict Cumberbatch rumor, in that involves taking a big name from Steven Moffat's other show and slotting them into the biggest Doctor Who part possible. (Although, while we're on the subject, I actually think Martin Freeman would make a fantastic Doctor in the Peter Davison mold.) So, yeah, hugely dubious grains of salt all around for this one. [Durance Magazine]


In more, you know, actual casting news, Mistresses actress Joanne McQuinn has been cast as Sadie in Toby Whithouse's third episode, which is set in the Old West. Also, David Gyasi, who played a hospital patient in a first season episode of Torchwood, will reportedly appear in an unknown episode. [Doctor Who News Page]

Farscape star Ben Browder discussed his recent casting in the Old West episode, in which he revealed his character is a US Marshall as opposed to, say, a sheriff:

"I've just got back from the UK and Spain where I just did an episode of Doctor Who. I got the offer right in the middle of pilot season, and my agent goes, 'Well you know you're going to miss some very big casting' and I went, 'It's Doctor Who!' It was a very exciting moment, I got to work with the Doctor, I got to hold his hand. I have seen the inside of the TARDIS. I play a marshall in the 1870s."


[Doctor Who News Page]


A pair of set reporters from the filming of the fourth season finale say they have seen between twenty and fifty Observers at the Vancouver Art Gallery, though no sign of the regular cast yet. [SpoilerTV]


Game of Thrones

The fourth episode will reportedly feature "the most confusing/disturbing/disorienting birth scene in TV history." [TV Line]


True Blood

The ninth episode of season five is reportedly called "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", and it features a flashback to a 14-year-old, "innocent-faced" Alcide and the beginnings of his relationship with Debbie. The show is also looking to cast a character described as "a Marilyn Manson-esque vampire who was once powerful and heroic but is now a sad old man." [TV Line]



The show will air the twelfth and thirteenth episodes as a two-hour season finale - and let's just hope not series finale - on May 17 from 9pm to 11pm. Star Jason Isaacs also gives this preview for this Thursday's episode," the wonderfully titled "That's Not My Penguin":

"[It has] every permutation of what you can do with this guy. We make him unconscious as often as possible, and we do it in every way you can dream of. Knocked out, getting medicated, being drugged against his will..."


As for the end of season one, Isaacs reveals, "When people get to the end of the season, you'll realize you've been holding your breath for a few weeks. The last few [episodes] are just firing on all cylinders." Costar Laura Allen simply promises, "The last three [episodes] are quite a ride." [TV Line]

Here's a short synopsis for the ninth episode, "Game Day", which airs April 26:

The final play in a big football rivalry happens differently in Detective Britten's two realities; Rex suffers from a broken heart; Vega and Hannah plan a going-away party for Britten.



Once Upon a Time

Here's a bunch of promo photos for episode nineteen, "The Return", which brings the show back from hiatus April 22. You can also find the official description below. [Multiple Verses]


"The Return" – Mr. Gold attempts to uncover the true identity of August, Emma confronts Regina about her involvement in Kathryn's disappearance, and David tries to apologize and reconcile with Mary Margaret. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin agrees to comply and do whatever it takes if his son can find a way for him to safely give up his powers and turn back into the loving man he used to be.


The next episode will also see a supposedly dead character show up right at the end, and Regina is going to have some sex. Not sure why that last bit is any of our business, really, but I'm guessing the sex will be EVIL! in some way. [E! Online]

Lost's Emilie de Ravin will definitely return in an episode in May. We've heard that rumored before, but the new detail is that True Blood's Kristin Bauer van Straten will also be back as the Evil Queen's rival Maleficent. [TV Line]



Here's a short description for episode nineteen, "Leave it to the Beavers", which airs April 27:

An investigation into a construction worker's death leads Nick into a conflict in the creature world; Juliette makes Nick invite Monroe to dinner.


Also, for a look ahead at the final episodes of season one, go here. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a pair of sneak peeks for this Thursday's episode, "Kite Strings."

American Horror Story

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine confirms he will make what is essentially his acting debut in the show's rebooted second season:

"It is the truth," Levine confirms. "I mean, it's pretty much happening. I think it's happening. I don't know how much I can divulge, because Ryan [Murphy] is very under wraps. It's going to be fun. And I told [Ryan] I really didn't know what I was doing but he didn't seem to really care. So I'm just going to go and try to [do] acting. I think I'm going to be kind of playing myself so hopefully it will be easy."


The previous rumors suggested Levine would be playing half of a pair of modern lovers. Personally, I hope Levine was being completely literal when he said he'd be playing himself, because there are only so many ways American Horror Story can become more batshit than it already is, and having Adam Levine guest star as some amorous version of himself for no particular reason would definitely be one of them. [E! Online]

Falling Skies

Here's the first three minutes from the second season premiere of TNT's alien invasion drama, which returns June 17. This sneak peek premiered last week at Emerald Con. For more details from the panel on what to expect in season two, check out Spinoff Online for a full report. [TV Line]

Being Human (US)

Here are some promo photos for next week's episode thirteen and the second season finale, "It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To." You can also check out a sneak peek for the episode here. [SpoilerTV]



Filming for season three is set to begin April 18 in Nova Scotia. Here's the official Syfy press release, which features some details on what to expect from the new season:

Season three of Haven picks up immediately following the events of the gripping season two finale where Nathan (Lucas Bryant) was warned against pursuing a romantic relationship with Audrey (Emily Rose); Duke (Eric Balfour) learned his family legacy was to kill Haven citizens with troubles; Audrey went missing, and Nathan and Duke engaged in a seemingly deadly argument.

Haven, based on the novella The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King, follows former FBI agent Audrey Parker, who becomes a cop in the small town of Haven, Maine, and soon discovers the town's many secrets, which also holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past.


[Multiple Verses]

The Vampire Diaries

Here are some promo photos from the next episode, "Heart of Darkness", which airs April 19 and sees the return of Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy. [Live Feed]


Klaus actor Joseph Morgan suggests the third season finale will end on a major, jaw-dropping cliffhanger:

"It's going to be more dramatic than last year's finale. Honestly, I've got goosebumps now thinking about it. Get ready, because the biggest thing we're going to get is a backlash at the end of it from people who are desperate to know what happens next. They're going to have to wait a long, long time [for Season 4], so I just urge everyone to get ready for the finale to end and go, 'Oh my God! But what happens next?!'"


[TV Line]

Additional reporting by Jennifer Griffith-Delgado and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I royally hate it when people come up with new definitions of words to try and bolster their argument. "Well, my definition of prequel..." I don't give a crap what your definition of prequel is. Because the definition is all that matters; in this case, "a work (as a novel or a play) whose story precedes that of an earlier work."

Really, I get that don't want your work to seem watered down or unartistic, but c'mon. Just stop with this crap. It was annoying when you guys said 'it's not a prequel, period' and implied there was no connection to Alien whatsoever, but now it's just patronizing.