We've all noticed that time seems to move faster as we grow older — but what if you could build a machine that slowed time to the point of imperceptibility? In Mark Slutsky's gorgeous new film The Decelerators, a group of people manage to do just that — and the result is almost worthy of The Twilight Zone.

This movie covers a lot of ground in just four minutes, using voiceover narration to convey the plot elements while the beautifully shot scenes and images do their work. But this technique works surprisingly — and it's a style of short film that I'd love to see more often, given that it's sort of similar to the way a good piece of short fiction can use narration to carry you along. It's nice to see a short movie that's not afraid to take the audience by the hand a bit, instead of slowly delving into worldless imagery.


The Decelerators will only be online for a week, so check it out while you can! [Thanks, Max!]