Amazing Real-Life Reproduction of Arkham City's Batsuit

This is probably the best Batman costume you'll ever see. A group of artists over at the Effects Lab forums created a real-life reproduction of the Batsuit from the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games, taking painstaking care to match the textures and colors in the game.

Check out more pics below...


Writes Effects Lab user Batpirisss:

All of us agreed that this was the best movie suit never done as well as the entire game being the film we all wanted to see. And there were so many aspects to it, including the illusive blue and gray of the new city suit, that we wanted to tackle. Some of the goals on the suit were that we wanted the pieces to be accurate like they walked right off the screen. The whole suit would need to be proportioned to the point that all the pieces worked together to complete the image of the character design. This was tricky due to the fact that no human being in the world is the shape of that guy. Especially the cowl. Also the cross texture of the entire suit must be included and it has to run synced up on all panels as the game suit does, so that all lines intersect at an X throughout the entire suit.

The most impressive part? Probably a cowl that lets the wearer move his head and open his mouth, so it's more like a cowl than a helmet. Here's one more image — check out more at the link. [The Effects Lab via MTV and Alan Johnson]


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