One of the great tantalizing things in the Mass Effect universe is the story of Wrex's greatest fight, a brawl that destroyed a space station — against an Asari who turned out to be Aria. And now, two amazing cosplayers have brought that fight to life.

As Propped Up Creations explains on their Facebook page, this is a story that Wrex tells Shepard in the game, which we later realize is about Aria. You can listen to Wrex's account of his greatest fight here, and Aria's mention of it here.


The fantastic Aria costume was created by SubitoAllegra, with Asari fringe by The Mad Masker and Carnifex by Punished Props. The Wrex costume was created by Propped Up Creations, while Wrex's Predator pistol was made by Thorsson & Associates Workshop. All photos taken by Tiffany Chang of And this epic battle was staged at the GardenSK8 Indoor Skatepark.

Check out our favorite pics below, and the rest over at Propped Up Creations' page, which includes captions narrating the action.