Dan Sarkar, a self-described "Appleseed fanboi," says he couldn't live any longer in a universe without cool replicas of the guns we see in the series.

He writes to io9:

As a long time fan of all things Appleseed, I have wanted to have a replica of the ESWAT Assault Rifle as seen in the anime Appleseed Ex Machina for a long time. To my knowledge, there is no such replica available aside from the models that come with the 1:6 scale Hot Toys line. Consequently, I did the only thing I could do: I made one from scratch......

I decided to step things up a notch or two and create an entire gun model from nothing more than flat pieces of balsa wood, combined with pieces farmed from a P90 airsoft rifle.

Also shown here is my other favorite from the Appleseed universe: the Seburo CX. For this model, I can only take credit for its assembly, as it was a resin kit that I built and added a gas blowback airsoft walther PPK to.

Now, if anyone could point me towards a Seburo MN-23 assault rifle, I'd be most grateful as I have been watching ebay for 12 years for one to show up.... If I can't get that kit........I may just have to make that one from scratch too....


Now there is fan dedication. And excellent crafts skill too!