Amazing Curiosity footage gives you a rover's eye view of its landing on Mars

Have you ever wondered what you would see as you touched down on Mars? This timelapse video stitches together photos of the Curiosity rover's descent, and lets you watch as the Martian surface comes closer and closer until you're completely surrounded by alien dust.


Spaceflight 101 pulled together high-resolution images from the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI), capturing the heat shield separation and powered descent. It's not quite a full frame rate video, but it's still a remarkably view of what the rover saw as it landed.

NASA has also released images of the rover's heat shield hurtling down to the surface and throwing up dust on impact. The heat shield is simply not as dainty a lander as Curiosity itself.


[via Bad Astronomy]

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That was amazing. I've never been so taken with anything NASA's done in my lifetime. It makes me really understand why Neil deGrasse Tyson is such an evangelist for manned space exploration. I can't imagine how much more exciting it would be if the video was coming from a person in a pressure suit.

I hope they get someone up there before too long, but until then I'll be eagerly waiting every new picture and discovery from Curiosity.