Amazing casting call for Titanic 2: Mermaid Saviors!

Read the synopsis for what is possibly the most brilliant idea ever pitched in the history of mermaid movies. What happened after the Titanic sunk? The passengers were saved by mermaids - and Jack Dawson was elected mermaid King, naturally.

This little casting call popped up on NY's Craigslist. Yes, there is no doubt that this is completely fake, but what if it wasn't? Imagine the possibilities:

The film begins moments after the sinking of the Titanic. All who have drowned are brought back to life by a futuristic race of mermaids, called the Mantocks, who welcome the humans to their underwater paradise. Soon after, JACK DAWSON is elected king of the underwater humans. DAWSON requests that all humans be returned above water, a request that is denied by KING MANTROCK. The humans are slowly brainwashed into worshiping their mermaid saviors. Meanwhile, the sunken TITANIC has become a haunted underwater wasteland inhabited by RAGGARO and his band of mermaid pirates. Will the humans ever free themselves from their mermaid slavery? Will the mermaid pirates wage war on Mantock?


Here's the entire add. Someone out there, make this film. And now let the photoshopped Little Mermaid/Splash/Titanic mashups fly!

[via reddit]

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